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Questions and answers For the driver

How to choose the right wiper for my car ?

To choose the right wipers, please use our model finder on our website https://www.oximo.pl/en/search/

How to properly install a set of wipers OXIMO ?

For all available models, graphic instructions can be found on the model search engine subpage or directly on the website www.oximo.info

Where can I buy wipers OXIMO ?

In the DISTRIBUTION tab, you will find the points of our largest trading partners and their distributors.

What is the price of OXIMO wipers on the market ?

OXIMO is the industry leader, and our products are constantly improved, remember that wipers improve driving safety, so it is not worth choosing low-quality products.

How often should you replace the wipers in the car?

As a rule, the wipers should be replaced before and after the season, i.e. before winter and after winter. The exchange before winter will allow us to save a situation where, for example, the old doormat will freeze to the window due to reduced usability or damage so that it will be impossible to continue driving due to difficult weather conditions. In addition, during the summer period wipers were exposed to UV rays which affects the aging of the rubber. Another change of wipers should take place just after the winter because if the winter was cold, the rubber is mostly damaged and it may not wipe the glass well. Of course, the exchange largely depends on the driver's decision, if we have good visibility and the wipers wipe the glass well, there is no need to replace it.

I noticed that both WA and MT wipers fit into my car model? What are the different wiper models different?

Both models of wipers fit into your car model because both have the possibility of mounting the handle A. WA model is a set of wipers dedicated to a given car model in lengths recommended by the manufacturer. Model MT is a multifunctional wiper (multi-clip) with the possibility of replacing individual adapters, among others fixing A. Both models are just as good and without complaint will work in your car. All types of handles are presented in our offer.

Is it worth the high costs of purchasing wipers at an authorized service center?

In our opinion; NOT WORTH IT. Wipers in authorized services are sometimes several times more expensive than OXIMO products, which does not translate into quality. Very often it is the same product, only produced under the brand of a car company.

Wiper blades - effect on wiping quality

The wiper blade is made of metal, plastic and rubber. A special rubber compound from which the insert was made is resistant to low and high temperatures, UV radiation as well as alcohols used in windscreen washer fluids. Unfortunately, nothing is eternal, and time and exploitation do their job. The rubber eventually hardens, becomes inflexible and fragile. The most vulnerable is the so-called rubber sting. The friction on the harder glass causes rounding of its edges, which in turn leads to a decrease in the wiping efficiency. Numerous streaks appear. In the winter months there is often a torn or complete destruction of the rubber sting. In this case, we must absolutely replace the pen, because hard, metal elements can scratch the glass, which exposes us to the high costs of its replacement!

Car windows and washer fluid - impact on visibility

During the operation of the car, not only the wiper rubber but also the remaining elements of the system are used up. The surface of the car's window is constantly bombarded with particles of sand, pebbles, dust and mud. The older the car, the bigger the mileage - the more damaged the glass. In the microscopic magnification, it can be seen that its surface is porous like pumice. Residues of oils and greases lifted from the road surface, insect remains, waxes from cleaning preparations to protect car paint get into the pores on the surface of the glass. All these factors affect the wiping quality and rubber life. Therefore, after washing the car, it is recommended to thoroughly clean the glass by means of window cleaning preparations. This treatment will degrease the glass, remove remains of insects, waxes and other impurities. You must also remember to use the right washer fluid. A very concentrated, inadequate fluid does not have to wash better, on the contrary it can have a destructive effect on the wiper rubber, shortening its life. During our laboratory tests, we observed that if there is no severe frost, the best wiping effect is obtained by gently diluting the winter liquid with distilled or demineralized water. Normal water can leave the stone in the tank, lines and washer nozzles!

Wiper arms - an important element of the system

A very important and underestimated part of the wiper system is the arm. The pressure of the spring pressure in the arm decreases with the operation of the car and can cause poor efficiency of wiping even new wipers. Salt, mud, sand and dust cause the mobile articulation of the arm to wipe, which reduces the pressure of the pen against the glass, and consequently the wipers work poorly. Streaks will appear on the glass and fragments will not be worn. In extreme cases, the lack of any pressure was observed, so the pen did not wipe at all! In this situation, you can try to improve the mobility of the joint by lubricating it with penetrating oil in the aerosol, by repeatedly bending and putting the arm on the glass. Correct clamping force of the arm is particularly important when using flat, non-leverage flat blades! If the arm has been bent for some reason (eg car after breakage, defective automatic car wash brushes, etc.), the pen's work can be manifested by jumping or grinding, especially in one direction. The pen tip must be perpendicular to the surface of the glass. This is a very common problem and in this case you have to correct the arm's geometry or simply replace it.

Wiper drive system - frequent faults

The last element is the wiper drive system. In older cars, there are often seizures of the wipers on which the wipers and sliding elements of the lever system hidden in the shaft are mounted. Squeaks and uneven, jerky wiping work can be a sign. As a rule, these elements are non-recoverable, but the use of a few drops of penetrating grease - oil can eliminate this phenomenon for some time. Also, excessive system looseness caused by operation may lead to incorrect operation of the wipers. The entire geometry of the system changes in an uncontrolled way and the symptoms may be identical - jerky, uneven work, or even hitting the blade in the glass gasket. Unfortunately, in this case, we are forced to replace the entire wiper drive system. All the observations included here result from more than thirty years of experience and laboratory research of our company. We were aiming to draw attention to how complicated and important part of your car are wipers. Let's take care of each of the elements of this system. The purchase of only proven products from recognized producers with many years of experience guarantees quality, your safety and comfort of traveling during rain.

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