Booster seat

Booster seat OXIMO Motorsports


Ensure your child can travel comfortably in the car.

Padding with special foam (20 mm), the thickest on the market, for your child’s comfort.
• Top quality upholstery.
• Polyester fabric resistant to abrasion and dirt.
• The product is designed for children weighing 15-36 kg (gr. 2.3).
• The seat is made of durable HDPE-plastic.
• Properly contoured shape and comfortable armrests,
• Easy to fit in any car fitted with 3-point seat belts,
• Certified in accordance with ECE – R44/04.
• Manufactured in 100% in Poland, contains no toxic substances (heavy metals, BPA).
• Material tested in the Institute of Textiles in Lodz.
• Solid workmanship and ergonomic shape provide comfort for the child while riding.
• The seat is lightweight and easy to fit.
• Durable construction made of high-quality materials ensures long and comfortable use.
• Safe materials are used in the production of the cradle.
• The cradle has an aesthetically pleasing cover, which can be easily removed and washed.
• The product meets the requirements of the relevant European safety standards ECE R44/04 Universal Group II and III.