OXIMO's mission

Providing articles in the automotive industry of excellent and proven quality.
The OXIMO company constantly improves the quality of products and customer service.

Company values

Taking care of the quality of products.
The highest standards of customer service.
Customer satisfaction.
Taking care of the team and its development.
Building a recognizable brand.

A Polish company with global ambitions

OXIMO is a company with Polish roots, a leader in the automotive industry and a leading brand among manufacturers of windshield wipers. Our story began in 2009, when we offered the first solutions to our clients. Thanks to good knowledge of the industry, rich offer and high standards of customer service, in a few years from a garage company we have become a professionally managed business organization. OXIMO is also a young, ambitious team of professionals, enthusiastic people, automotive experts.

Today, we are consistently building our position on the market and belong to one of the most recognizable and trustworthy brands in Poland. We are constantly looking for new areas of expansion, we set trends in the automotive industry, and we promote the strategy of sustainable development.

OXIMO's goal and ambition is to become the No. 1 company among windshield wiper manufacturers in the world.
From the very beginning, OXIMO focuses on a rich and transparent offer. We currently have about 400 references for windshield wipers, so we can meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. As a leader in the industry, we cooperate with the largest automotive wholesalers in Poland and abroad. We provide our business partners with high standards of service through access to the online ordering panel and fast deliveries. We are also consistently developing a distribution network outside the country with the ambition to create a recognizable Polish brand with a global reach.

We have our research and development facilities, we improve our products and introduce new innovative solutions to the market.

We have all the required certificates, such as the German TUV, REACH and the Polish National Institute of Hygiene, which mean that our wipers do not contain any substances harmful to health.

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the TecDoc® Premier Data Supplier badge in September 2022! 😏 The title we have received is the result of our commitment to the transparency and accuracy of the data in the TecDoc catalogue. Data Quality, resulting in the successive inclusion of new characteristics for product and relationship data. The Premier Data Supplier title is confirmation that the data meet the quality standards of the TecDoc Catalogue. As an OXIMO company and brand, we also promote the strategy of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility (CSR). We join the activities of the local community, support foundations, raise the level of organizational culture and shape a positive image of the company among consumers.

OXIMO & Motorsport

For years, we support, promote, and participate in activities connected with motorsport. This is our passion!
We are a partner in the biggest motoring events and rallycross events:
• Tarmac Masters (Marcin Radecki),
• Miata Challange (Marcin Radecki),
• Track Masters (OXIMO owner - Maciej Nowopolski),
• Rally Championship of Poland (Michał Lipski and Nikola Lipska),
• Stanisław Dyjak and Damian Machol will perform in the 2022 season as OXIMO in Fiesta Proto,
• We also have our own team competing in time attack races.

Wide range offer

OXIMO wipers are for almost 99% of car models driving on European roads. We are still developing and expanding our offer.


Our products are available directly from the warehouse in Poland and several European countries.

Sales policy

We have a flexible and customer-friendly sales policy. Our advisers are always willing to help.

Technology and development

We have our research and development facilities to keep improving OXIMO products.

Quality control

We carry out detailed quality control. We do not sell cheap substitutes, the wipers in our offer are perfected technically products of which we are proud.