Vision of OXIMO® - building a brand in the automotive industry with global reach and recognition

siedziba OXIMO z drona

A Polish company with global ambitions

OXIMO® is a company with Polish roots

Leader in the automotive industry and a leading brand among manufacturers of car windshield wipers. Our story began in 2009 when we proposed the first solutions to our clients. Thanks to good knowledge of the industry, a wide range of products and high customer service standards, we have grown from a one-person company to a professionally managed business organization in just a few years. OXIMO® is also a young, ambitious team of professionals, enthusiastic people, and automotive enthusiasts.

An innovative automotive brand conquers the market

OXIMO® has consistently built a strong presence in Polish and international markets, making it one of Poland’s most recognized and trusted brands. Always searching for new growth opportunities, our brand aligns with the current trends in the automotive industry and advocates for sustainable development standards.

OXIMO®: rich offer and global reach

From the beginning, OXIMO® has focused on a diverse and transparent offering. There are over 83,000 windshield wiper matches, allowing the brand to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. As an industry leader, collaboration is established with Poland’s most prominent automotive wholesalers and abroad.

We provide our business partners with high service standards, an online ordering panel and access to our warehouse with over a million wipers, from which we carry out express deliveries daily. We are also consistently developing a distribution network outside the country with the ambition to create a recognizable Polish brand with a global reach.

Innovative products, quality certificates and the title of TecDoc Premier Data Supplier

With in-house research and development facilities, existing products are improved, and new innovative solutions are introduced. Quality is confirmed by certifications such as the German TUV and REACH.
In August 2022, we obtained the TecDoc® Premier Data Supplier badge. The title received results from our commitment and professionalism in ensuring the transparency and accuracy of data in the TecDoc catalogue – the leading supplier of electronic data on spare parts on the European market. The title of Premier Data Supplier is a significant distinction and confirmation that the data meets the quality standards of the TecDoc Catalogue.

Our advantages

OXIMO® & Motorsport

Motorsport has been an essential part of our image since the company's inception. We have supported, promoted, and participated in activities related to this field for years. We are partners in the largest automotive events and rallycross competitions:

– Tarmac Masters and Miata Challange (Marcin Radecki),
– Track Masters (OXIMO® owner – Maciej Nowopolski),
– Rajdowe Mistrzostwa Polski Samochodów Terenowych [eng. Polish Off-Road Car Championships] (Michał Lipski i Nikola Lipska),
– Stanisław Dyjak and Damian Machol represent OXIMO® colours in the Ford Fiesta Proto.

We also have our team competing in time attack races.

OXIMO motorsports

Our values


Taking care of quality is a process that never ends, and full focus should always be kept on improving, improving and responding to every drop in quality. We strive to deliver the highest quality at every stage, from design, production, order acceptance, packaging, and delivery to the end user.


Striving to ensure every OXIMO® user’s satisfaction with the product and the collaborative experience, maintaining high customer service standards is a consistent priority. The belief is that a contented customer will happily recommend the brand to others, return, and continue using the solutions provided. The formula is straightforward: upholding high service standards = satisfied customers.


As a company, the aim is to create a workplace with an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and performs their daily duties with dedication. Team members help one another and learn to provide feedback. The belief is that the ideal workplace is one where commitment and satisfaction are at their highest levels. Emphasis is placed on training, development, and the enhancement of skills.

OXIMO® strategic goals