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How to match and fit windshield wipers - FAQ - OXIMO

Check that all elements of windshield cleaning system are functioning properly

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How to counteract, so that no damage occurs

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Check how to replace wipers in your car

Check windscreen cleaning system

Familiarize yourself with the common instances of wiper malfunction.

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Check the technical condition of the glass

If the glass is sandblasted or has stone chips, it will cause faster degradation of the wiper blades by creating dents on the abrasion surface.
A widespread effect is streaked even after replacing the wipers, and the cause is roughness and defects in the glass.

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Check the pressure of the arms

Uneven pressure of the wiper rubber to the glass is one of the most common causes of bad water collection from the glass surface.
Raise and lower the wiper arms a dozen or so times and clean the springs, which are responsible for the pressure of the wipers on the windshield.

Everything about the window cleaning system

See the video in which Maciej Nowopolski – the owner of the OXIMO company, will tell you what to pay attention to ensure the car window cleaning system works appropriately.

Features of wiper usage

Do you see these symptoms in yourself? It's high time to replace the wipers! See where the nearest distribution point Distributors

Before it's too late

Observe the wear of the wipers for the damage shown below. Replace the wipers before they affect the comfort and safety of driving.

Clean glass

Taking care of the windshield’s cleanliness and removing traces of insects and other persistent dirt extends the life of the wiper blades.

Fluid and spray nozzle setting

The correct setting of the washer nozzles is responsible for properly operating the wipers and collecting dirt.

Avoid damaging the glass

If you observe mechanical damage to the wipers, e.g. broken rubber, do not delay the replacement of the wipers, the defects may lead to permanent damage to the windshield.

Questions & answers

Choosing the right wipers for your vehicle is essential for ensuring optimal performance and safety. At OXIMO, we’ve made this process simple and straightforward.

To find the perfect wipers for your car, follow these steps:

Visit our website at
Enter your vehicle’s make, model, and year of manufacture into the search engine.
The search engine will provide a list of suitable wiper options for your specific vehicle.
This tool makes it easy to ensure you’re selecting the correct wiper blades that will provide the best performance and longevity for your car. Always remember that using the right wipers is a crucial part of maintaining your vehicle’s safety, particularly in adverse weather conditions.

Video instructions can be found on the subpage VIDEO MANUALS for all available models. Or in our model search engine

In the WHERE TO BUY tab, you will find points for our largest trading partners and their distributors.

OXIMO® is known for offering the best value for money. We have been on the market for 14 years, thanks to which we can guarantee low prices and very high quality of our windshield wipers. It should be remembered that the wipers significantly affect driving safety. It is not worth deciding to buy low-quality products.

Typically, windshield wipers should be replaced twice a year: before and after winter. Replacing your wipers before winter can prevent scenarios where an old, damaged wiper freezes to the windshield, hindering visibility and making driving difficult in harsh weather conditions. During the summer, wipers are exposed to UV rays, which can accelerate the aging and degradation of the rubber component.

After winter, it’s advisable to replace the wipers again. The cold temperatures can take a toll on the rubber, potentially reducing its effectiveness. However, the necessity for replacement ultimately depends on the driver’s judgment. If visibility remains good and the wipers are still effectively clearing the windshield, replacement might not be immediately necessary. Regardless, regular checks on the condition of your wipers are key to maintaining optimal driving safety.

Both models of wipers fit your car model because both can be fitted with the handle. The WA-WK models are a set of wipers dedicated to a given car model in lengths the manufacturer recommends. The MT model is a multifunctional wiper (multi-clip) with the possibility of replacing individual adapters, among others mounts. Both models are equally good and will work flawlessly in your car. All types of handles are presented in our offer.

In our opinion? NOT WORTH IT. Wipers in authorized services are sometimes several times more expensive than OXIMO products, which does not translate into quality. It is often the same product but produced under the brand of a car concern.

Wiper blades play a pivotal role in maintaining the clarity and visibility of your vehicle’s windshield. Made of metal, plastic, and rubber, they are designed to resist a range of weather conditions and external factors. The rubber element of the blade, often developed from a special compound, is engineered to withstand varying temperatures, UV radiation, and chemicals found in washer fluids. However, over time and with consistent use, the rubber component can harden and become brittle. This loss in flexibility hinders the blade’s ability to adapt to the contours of the windshield, compromising its wiping efficiency.

The edge of the wiper blade is most susceptible to degradation. Constant friction against the windshield can lead to rounded edges, resulting in streaks and inconsistent wiping patterns. This issue can be particularly pronounced during harsh winter months, where the rubber might tear or even break off. In such instances, it’s crucial to replace the wiper blades promptly. Neglecting to do so can lead to metal or plastic components scraping against the windshield, potentially causing scratches and damage that can incur substantial repair costs. Thus, maintaining and regularly checking the condition of your wiper blades is key to preserving the quality of your windshield and ensuring safe driving conditions.

Over time and throughout the operation of your vehicle, wear and tear affect the wiper rubber and other elements of the wiper system. The surface of the car’s windshield is continuously exposed to sand particles, pebbles, dust, and mud. The older the vehicle and the higher the mileage, the more damage the windshield incurs.

Examined under a microscope, you can see that the windshield surface is porous, much like a pumice stone. Residues of oil and grease lifted from the road, insect remnants, and waxes from car washing solutions can fill these pores. All these factors significantly impact the quality of the wiper’s performance and the rubber’s lifespan.

To mitigate these issues, we recommend thoroughly handwashing the windshield with specific glass cleaning solutions after washing your car. This will effectively clean the windshield, removing insect remnants, waxes, and other impurities.

The type of washer fluid you use also plays a significant role. Using a highly concentrated or inappropriate fluid may not necessarily clean better. In fact, it can harm the wiper rubber, thereby shortening its lifespan. Our laboratory tests suggest that gently diluting winter fluid with distilled or demineralized water provides the best cleaning results, except in severe frost conditions. It’s important to avoid using plain water, as it can leave limescale deposits in the tank, hoses, and spray nozzles.

The wiper arm, an often overlooked component, plays a crucial role in the wiper system. Over time, with regular use of the car, the spring in the arm that applies pressure to the blade may weaken. This can result in poor wiping efficiency, even with new wipers. Environmental factors such as salt, mud, sand, and dust can wear on the movable joint of the arm, reducing the pressure of the blade against the windshield. This can lead to improper functioning of the wipers, causing streaks and uncleared spots on the glass.

In extreme cases, the lack of pressure could be so severe that the wiper blade doesn’t function at all. To remedy this situation, you can improve the joint’s mobility by lubricating it with penetrating oil spray and repeatedly bending the arm and pressing it against the glass.

The correct arm pressure is particularly important when using flat wiper blades. If the arm becomes bent due to incidents like minor car accidents or faulty automated car wash brushes, the wiper blade’s operation may appear jumpy or may grind, especially when moving in one direction. The wiper blade should be perpendicular to the glass surface for optimal performance. If this issue occurs frequently, it may be necessary to correct the geometry of the arm or replace it.

The wiper drive system is a crucial component of your vehicle’s windshield wipers. In older vehicles, the spindles that mount the wipers and the sliding elements within the lever system often seize up. This can cause your wipers to squeak and operate inconsistently or jerkily, which are clear indicators of this problem.

Unfortunately, these parts usually cannot be disassembled. However, applying a bit of penetrating grease or oil can offer temporary relief. Additionally, excessive clearances in the system caused by usage can interfere with the correct operation of the wipers. This can lead to uncontrolled changes in the system’s geometry, resulting in symptoms like uneven operation, or even the wiper blade striking the glass seal.

In such cases, it may be necessary to replace the wiper drive system. Our insights on this are based on over 14 years of experience. We hope this information helps highlight the complexity and critical importance of your vehicle’s wiper system.

It’s essential to maintain each part of this system for optimal performance. We recommend purchasing only tested products from reputable manufacturers with a proven history in the industry. This will ensure the quality, safety, and comfort of your drive, even in the rain.