Car seat protection mats

Protective mat

A protective mat under the car seat protects the car seat from dents and scratches. The mat is made of a strong fabric, and its universal shape allows it to be used in all car models and under various types of car seats.

Thanks to the use of a rubber material, it has an anti-slip function and prevents the seat from moving. Pockets at the front allow you to store many of your child’s small items.

The main task of the mat is to protect the car upholstery against dents caused by the pressure of the seat, as well as dirt and contamination.

Advantages of a protective mat:

  • very simple assembly (the mat is placed behind the headrest and adjusted thanks to a clip with a clasp, made of durable, high-quality materials that ensure long use
  • designed to fit perfectly into any type of seat
  • compatible with front-facing seats
  • easy to clean and maintain
  • universal pockets made of mesh for baby’s small items

Car gadgets are an important product category that is designed to make life easier for the driver and passengers while traveling. Many of them are not only to improve driving comfort, but also significantly affect the safety of the car. Protective mats under the car seat are a functional accessory that will make every family trip impossible without it.

Protective mat under the car seat – what is it?

Traveling with a child in the car requires the installation of a car seat. It is necessary for safety and due to legal requirements in our country. During long-term use, the seat leaves traces, bruises and abrasions on the seats. It can be a nuisance if we plan to sell the car in the future or we just want the interior of the vehicle to retain its original appearance for as long as possible. In response to these inconveniences, protective mats under the seat were created. They are made of strong and abrasion-resistant material, which protects the chair against damage and dirt. Driving with children is a high risk of stains, spilling liquids in the car. The use of a mat will prevent accidents from penetrating deep into the structure of the upholstery.

Protective mats under the seat – advantages

Protective mats are an easy-to-use product that works well in any car. Its functionality makes many parents appreciate its durability and multitasking. The OXIMO® mat is a product that you will appreciate especially after a long time of use, when you see that the seats are intact.


The protective mat will eliminate the problem of the seat slipping while driving. This is a very dangerous phenomenon as the seat must be stable throughout the journey. However, if the material used to cover the seats has slides, unfortunately there may be a problem with sliding. The protective mat under the car seat keeps the seat safely in one place.

It protects the interior of the car against damage

The long-lasting effect of a child seat in the car may cause damage to the seats. There will be chafing and, consequently, even holes. Traveling with children is also a high risk of stains, spilling liquids, scattering crumbs, so it is worth securing the space at the seat. This prevents cumbersome scrubbing later.

Practical pockets

OXIMO® protective mats are a multifunctional gadget that will appeal not only to parents, but also to children. Pockets made of mesh that will allow you to conveniently transport toys. Trinkets will always be at hand, and most importantly, when we put them in our pockets, they will stop moving around the car while driving, especially when cornering. Many people have a problem with organizing things in the car, so additional storage space will help keep the car in order.

Easy to install and clean

Protective mats for the OXIMO® car seat are made of high-quality plastics. This guarantees resistance to damage and easy cleaning. OXIMO® products are designed to provide maximum comfort with no need for maintenance. What’s more, our mats are universal and can be used in any car and under any car seat or seat. Our products are equipped with a system of adjustable clips, thanks to which you can attach the L-size mat to the headrest. You can use our mats with both forward facing and rearward facing seats.

Two sizes to choose from

Our offer currently includes two sizes of mats for car seats. Choose the one that best suits the seat model you have in your car. We offer size S (84 cm) and size L (119 cm). Depending on what type of car seat is most often in your car, you can choose the right model.

Solid performance

OXIMO® mats are characterized by a simple, but extremely solid structure. By choosing our products, you can be sure that this is not an expense that you will have to repeat in a few months. Our assortment is manufactured with attention to detail, which translates into a long life of our goods.

OXIMO® mats – why are they unique?

OXIMO® is a Polish company that since 2009 has been creating solutions that combine functionality, high quality and affordable price. We are constantly developing our assortment in order to provide products that improve the comfort and safety of our customers. The protective mat under the car seat is one of the solutions that represents the category of accessories that we will definitely develop in the future.