A series of windshield wipers - OXIMO®

Wipers are an essential element of every car’s equipment. Their operation allows you to maintain visibility during rain, hail, or snowfall. They are used intensively throughout the year, especially in climates with frequent temperature changes and rainfall, which means that passenger car wipers must be replaced regularly.

Types of car wiper blades

Passenger car wipers come in different lengths, depending on the car model. It is always worth following the size of those that have been installed in the car before. Moreover, the left wiper is usually longer than the right one, due to the geometry of the windshield. There are several types of wipers on the market. Which ones to choose and how do they differ?

Articulated wipers, also known as frame wipers

This type of wiper is the best known on the market and is sometimes called the classic model. Their design is characterized by a metal frame that includes a rubber element. This arrangement also creates the effect of pressing against the glass. Some people argue that metal parts can quickly be damaged by moisture. However, OXIMO® wipers are made of durable, galvanized High-Carbon steel, which means that the metal parts are protected against corrosion. The plastic pieces are made of a high-quality alloy of polyethylene and polycarbonate. What’s more, their frame wipers are quiet and suitable for all weather conditions. This model can cope with heavy rainfall. If you are driving a car with a rounded windshield, you should definitely consider this particular type.

Flat wipers, also known as frameless

Each of the aforementioned wiper models has different names, and this type is sometimes referred to as “bananas.” Their characteristic shape results from the fact that they are not placed in a frame but adhere directly to the arm, resulting in a lack of protrusions in their construction. The different construction makes the High-Carbon steel metal elements hidden and invisible. This type of wiper has slightly different properties than the frame ones. The flat structure makes this model more aerodynamic and creates no air drag. It is worth considering this option if you are going on a route where you will develop high speeds. Moreover, the flat shape makes these wipers more resistant to violent gusts of wind. In low temperatures, they work well because they are more resistant to freezing and easier to detach from the glass in the event of ice on the wiper elements.

Introducing Hybrid Wipers

Hybrid wipers are a combination of both frame and frameless wiper blade designs. They feature a less visible frame compared to classic frame wipers, while maintaining a precise clamping system that adheres well along the entire length of the windshield, similar to flat wipers. Hybrid wipers strike a balance between effectiveness and elegant design, offering reliable performance and a sleek appearance.

Knowing When to Replace Your Car Wipers

It’s generally recommended to replace passenger car wipers twice a year. Weather conditions, such as rainfall and frost, significantly affect the durability of wiper blades. In addition, high temperatures and UV radiation during the summer can also cause the blades to wear down, necessitating attention to this vital piece of equipment throughout the year.

Efficient wipers are essential for driving safety, as limited visibility during rain can lead to a higher risk of accidents. Signs that it’s time to replace your wipers include:

  • Less thorough cleaning of the windows
  • Streaks left on the windshield
  • Friction and squeaking during operation
  • Visible detachment of rubber parts

Although car wipers may seem like a minor detail, their quality and type have a significant impact on driving comfort and safety. Choosing the right wiper model to suit your driving style is crucial, especially for frequent travelers.

Why Choose OXIMO® Wipers

Selecting wipers from a reputable manufacturer like OXIMO® guarantees that the products will perform well during demanding journeys. Regardless of the type you choose, you can expect wipers made with attention to detail and designed for real-world conditions. OXIMO® produces proprietary solutions that work in all conditions, even the most challenging ones, ensuring a safer and more comfortable driving experience.